JDBC preferences changes

  • New icons added
  • Possibility to added jar files to classpath available direct on JDBC preferences
  • Possibility to check if the driver is available in classpath added.
  • The user is prompted for values when adding a new URL from the sample URL’s
  • If no URL’s available at start-up the users are prompted to start JDBC preferences


Some other changes

  • New icons added in query window and report window
  • Added possibility to change number of query sheets (Sui preferences require restart)
  • Build insert statements function from result set added to Query report, this make it possible
  • to hide rows and columns, filter rows and move columns and then build insert statement based on what you see in the result-set table.
  • Some minor changes to the connection panel
  • Added the possibility to close all query windows from query window and query monitor
  • Fixed a bug relating to how null is handled when building insert stmts
  • Fixed a small bug relating to how Drivers and Url are populated