Sui Pre-reqs

Sui is a Java application and as such it requires a Java Virtual machine (JVM) installed to be able to execute. Sui requires at least Java 8 .

Installing Sui

The executable part of Sui consists of a jar file, Sui.jar. Download the jar file from the download page. If you have java installed and have a file association for .jar files to java you just need to double click on Sui.jar to start Sui. Otherwise you need to start Sui from a command prompt by issuing: java -jar Sui.jar.

Sui Getting Started

This section contains a brief description on how to get started with Sui. For Further details please refer to the user-guide. When you successfully have installed and started Sui the next step is to establish a connection to your database. If this is the first time you start Sui and you will be prompted by a screen like this:

Press Yes / Ja if you want to a create Database Connection.

Setting up a database Connection conists of Three parts:

1) Add the JDBC driver

2) Add the database vendor specific JDBC Jar file

3) Add the database URL

In the video below a database Connection is set up to DB2 database.

For more details check the User guide or the Q and A section on the FAQ-page or the database specific sections DB2, ORACLE, Mimer, SQLserver, My-SQL or Apache-Derby.