Working with XLS files in Sui
A XLS file is a spread sheet file understood by Spread sheet tools such as Microsoft Excel and Open Office Calc.

Sui is capable of creating a native XLS file from a SQL result-set. This can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Execute the query and directly create a XLS file
  2. Export an existing result-set from the Report window to an XLS file

If you are running on Windows and have MS-Excel installed you can choose to directly launch Excel when the XLS file is created.

To set up Sui to automatically invoke Excel, select File->Preferences and the Export tab. Set the parameters as described in the graphics.



Note: If you are running versions of Windows prior to XP, it might be necessary to set the launch command to: cmd /c start Excel

To execute a query and present the result set directly in Excel right click in the query window and select Exec->XLS from the menu (or select the fast path ctrl-t).


The result is presented as a spread sheet with two sheets.

  1. Sui-Export, contains the query result-set.
  2. Sui-Meta, contains information about the query, a sample is shown below:

If you have selected to launch the XLS file is launched with the created spreasheet.



This video shows how easy you can create a result set in Excel.