Have you ever wished you had an easy-to-use, fast and reliable tool for executing and developing your SQL queries? A tool that automatically keep track of your last executed queries, a tool that let you export, print, sort and filter your query results, a tool that keep track of query response time. Sui does all of this plus a lot more and it does it on most operating systems for most database management systems (DBMS).

The main audience for the tool are application developers, database administrators and advanced end-users involved in data analysis and application testing. The driving idea behind Sui is to create a productive tool for developing and executing SQL statements. Sui focus on accessing relational (tabular) data direct through SQL rather than through a point and click user-interface. Sui consists of two main user interfaces, the query window and the report window. From the query window the user creates, maintains, builds and executes SQL statements against a relational data source. From the report window the user works with a result set from an SQL statement, the user can print, rearrange and export the result set. Sui can access all JDBC (Java Database Connection) and on the windows platform all ODBC (Open Database Connection) enabled databases. This includes most databases available in the marketplace. For example:

  •    DB2 for z/OS
  •    MySQL
  •    MS-SQL Server
  •    MS-Access
  •    Oracle
  • ·  Mimer
  •    Informix
  •    Sybase
  •    Apache Derby
  •    ..

Since Sui is a Java application it executes under most operating systems, this includes Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 95, Windows 98, Linux, Unix, Mac-OS etc. Sui is a FREEWARE, totally free of charge. If you have any questions or comments  about Sui send an email to kjell@sui.nu

Sample Screen shots:

Query Window  Report Window[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]