Sheets introduced to the query window. To make it easier to manage multiple set of queries sheets has been introduced to the query window. Each sheet can contain a separate set of queries that can be executed and managed individually


Other enhancements:

  • Adding URL’s from “Manage JDBC resources” now prompts the user for connection properties.
  • Changed so that MaxRows is ignored when Maxrows is set to 0
  • Possibility to disable / Enable syntax highlighting added,
  • Substitution variables are now kept between sessions
  • Size of the preference panel increased.
  • Content in preference panel re-structured
  • Possibility to re-execute a query from the Show SQL panel in the report panel added.
  • The show-SQL and query log now shows the SQL after symbolic resolution.
  • The maximum number of entries in the query monitor increased from 20 to 100
  • Function to import a specific Excel sheet for Excel Import added
  • User-id / Password is not supplied at login (connection to database) if user-id and password are empty strings
  • Variable substitution not active when BATCH=YES specified (Exec->Insert Stmts)
  • Removed initial blank line when exporting to CSV
  • Syntax Highlight automatically disabled when query text > 2000 bytes.


Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a bug relating to copy and paste from the query context menu
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs related to connection management
  • Fixed a bug in the application concept
  • Fixed a data type mapping to handle SMALLINT data type correctly for stored procedures
  • Fixed a bug so that the Query-box now is consistently populated