Sui and Apache Derby


Apache Derby is an open source database developed entirely in Java. Apache Derby

has a very small footprint (>3 Mb). Connecting and using Apache Derby together

with Sui is very. In addition to using Sui as a “normal database” in Sui, Apache Derby

can also

be used as your “private database” in Sui. By using the function Exec

>Derby you can copy data from any database to your private database in Apache Derby.

Enabling Apache Derby

Download apache derby from and

follow the instructions.

After the download and installation start Sui and go the JDBC resources (File menu

and Available JDBC Resources). Select Derby from the sample driver and click the

plus to the left of the sample driver.

Point to the jar file for Apache derby by selecting the file open dialog to the left of

class path combo box and navigate to the folder where you installed Derby, go to the

lib sub-folder and select the file derby.jar.