Setting up a connection to SQL-Server (SQL Server 2008 Express)

This document shows briefly how to set up a connection to SQL server in using Microsoft’s JDBC driver.



Sui is a java application and requires java runtime to be installed on your machine. Sui requires

at least java 1.5 to be installed. To check if you have java and what version you have you can

issue the following command from the command prompt.

java version

If you lack a java runtime a Java runtime (JRE) can be downloaded from

Microsoft JDBC driver

To run SQL server using a pure JDBC driver you must download the JDBC driver for SQL-server

from Microsoft. Follow this link to start the download

Setting up the connection in Sui

The first time you start Sui the following Pop-up is displayed. To add new connections click the

YES (Ja) button to invoke the Assign available JDBC-resources. The JDBC-resource function can

also be invoked from File menu or from the icon on the menu bar (fifth icon from left)).

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