Important note:

The new version is currently only available in the Jar-file format. Not in the pre-packaged exe or MSI file format. If you want to install Sui using the exe file, download setup.exe and perform the installation. After the installation download Sui.jar from and replace the jar file on your installation directory with the downloaded file. If you have an existing Sui version download the Sui.jar and replace the downloaded file with your existing Sui.jar file,

In Sui 0.67 a number of new features are introduced. This includes SQL-Meta data Code completion, Copy data from one result-set in one database connection to a table in another database connection, Save data (including creation of a new table) from one database connection to a private Apache Derby database


New Features

  • Four different type of code completion is available
  1. Introduced possibility for Shorthand completion (F1) (Including SQL Keywords)
  2. Introduced possibility for Schema completion(F2)
  3. Introduced possibility for table completion(F3)
  4. Introduced possibility for column completion(F4)
  • Added profiles for connection parameters (right click in Connection pane).
  • Save data to Apache Derby (Makes it possible to a save A result-set direct to an Apache Derby database) (Requires Derby to be installed).
  • Append Query result-set to an existing tables
  • Create standard DDL for creating a table based on a result set


Minor changes and bug-fixes

  • Excel import now allows for import of insert statement to file (or as before to clip board)
  • Removed limit of 200 columns for Transpose on value
  • Limited field length in report window to avoid overflow for very large columns
  • Moved sui data path and look and feel settings to Misc. settings
  • Added a file chooser with an icon to the data path selection
  • Changed font to COURIER for Excel spreadsheet
  • Added Auto-size for Excel spreadsheet
  • Added direct jump to Query-box-viewer by right-clicking the Query-box
  • Cleaned up some of the start-up messages.
  • Changed the way pass-words are remembered within a session.
  • Added a property to make it possible to load all drivers at startup
  • Fixed some issues with decimal values with large number of decimals
  • Fixed a bug in query-box viewer search, The search function didn’t handle the first character correctly
  • For users connecting to DB2 using the IBM’s universal JDBC driver, SQL-errors now have a fuller error description